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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I place an order? 

Head to our enquiries page to complete the form with as many details as possible. Remember to attach any inspiration or design photos (if you don’t have any yet, don’t worry, we can help find some inspiration to send you!). The more information, the quicker the process will be to get your future order underway! 

How far in advance should I place my order? 

We suggest ordering your cake as soon as you have your event date organised. We work on a first in basis and only book in a limited number of orders each week. Sometimes we may be fully booked months in advance, especially during the busy wedding season. 

For this reason, we always recommend getting in touch straight away. Although you may not know exactly what you want yet, we can organise a deposit, confirming your order for a particular date and work on the finer details later! 

Do I need to collect my order or do you offer delivery? 

Cakes by Jorja is based in Ipswich, Queensland, where you can collect your order at a prearranged time. If your cake has fresh flowers, it is recommended to collect your cake on the event date, however, all other orders can be collected on your event date or day prior and stored in the fridge. If you are collecting your order, a transportation guide for cakes will be attached to your confirmation email with tips on how to best transport your order. 

Please note, if you do opt to collect your order, we take no responsibility to repair any damages that may be caused in transit. 


Alternatively, delivery is available for all orders over $100, and strongly recommended for wedding cakes. Tiered cakes are extremely delicate to transport, and sometimes may need to be assembled at the venue, where we have all equipment to assemble and fix any possible transit damages. 

If you would like your order delivered, when filling out the form on the enquiries page, please include the delivery address before submitting so we can include this in your quote. 

Please note - delivery bookings are limited, so the earlier you book your cake, the more likely you are to secure your cake’s delivery. 

Do you offer allergen friendly cakes? 

Yes we do! Some allergen requirements may not be possible for certain cakes or flavours but get in touch and we can find a cake to suit you.

Please note that we have a very small kitchen and due to the nature of our business, we cannot guarantee that any item is 100% allergen free as equipment may have at some point come in to contact with these foods. Although for any allergen friendly orders, all precautions possible are made including, baking on a different day to any regular products, storing any baked products in a separate fridge and washing any utensils or equipment on a high dishwasher setting. 

Payment & cancellation policy 

Please click here to view our Payment & Cancellation Policy. 

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